Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Comic character

Hello everyone! We came back to school three weeks ago and we are already writing tasks using our personal laptops.

In this post, you will be able to read and learn about different comic characters which are probably better known as their roles in films. You'll see some of them have been in our lives for decades, while others have appeared in our cultural lives much more recently.

These presentations have been written by 1st ESO students.


Thursday, 31 May 2018

My list of things I want to do before death is the following:

-Go to the moon
-Become a cloth designer
-Go to the Bahamas
-Have children
-Plant a tree
-Do volunteering
-Practice skydiving
-Go to Tomorrowland music festival
-Swim with dolphins
-See the Grand Canyon
-Go on safari
-Shower in a Waterfall
-Walk the Great Wall of china
-New year’s eve in times square
-Visit seven wonders of the wold
-Ride a Jet ski
-Float in the dead sea

By: Estel 


Being an enterpreneur is not easy. Some of our 3rd ESO students have learnt about starting up your own business and have developed their ideas for a new product or service. 

First of all, they wrote some notes about their ideas, their own personalities, and finally developed some presentations about what they wanted to do. Later on, they had to look for the budget, financial resources and viability of their own projects. We will show this productions in another post. In this post you will see most of the ideas which, who knows, may be developed in the future.

App from LidiaGon

I’ve just joined the artistic gymnastics because I love this sport and I know a lot of things about it.

Firstly, I’m going to explain the importance about the warm up and the stretching. When you start doing gymnastics, you must do the warm up if you don’t want to have an injury or break some bones. This part of the training in all sports is very important, and probably, if you’re going to start running very fast, you can have aching muscles or you can twist an ankle, because your body isn’t warm enough. When you finish the training, you’ve to do the stretching of all the muscles that you work very extremely.

The second point is about physical preparation. All gymnasts hate this part and flexibility, but they must do it if they want to have perfect results in competitions. They’re very strong because they spend around one hour of the training doing the physical preparation.

In competitions, some of the gymnasts are very nervous. In my case I think that I’m one of these gymnasts that get nervous very quickly. When I was gymnast, always, before the competition, I used to close my eyes and think about my exercise and everything would be all right. This exercise after the competition was very good for me, and I recommend doing it to people that can’t control their nerves in a competition.

Finally, I’m going to tell you a shop to buy lovely maillots and tops for the trainings. This shop is GIMAR, it’s there where I buy all of my maillots, and it’s my favourite shop of gymnastics.

by Esther

Our hometown 

All of 1st ESO students live in towns, villages or even cities in the same area. To show you what our hometowns are like, they have created presentations using digital tools as Google Drive. That means they also worked collaboratively to compose everything. Afterwards, they explained what they had discovered to the rest of their classmates. We think it's a great opportunity to start talking in English and give short speeches. 

We have included in this post the presentations they wrote.

Cd m from LidiaGon

Vdm from LidiaGon

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Our lives are different from our parents' and our grandparents'. In order to practice the simple past, 1st ESO students have asked their parents and grandparents about their lifestyles when they were teenagers themselves. As a result, our students have created texts and presentations about the differences in clothes, free time activities, food and many more issues which have changed a lot during the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. 

Some of the presentations have been created through Google Drive, which means you can see it if you click here. Some others have been written using word processors or presentations. Anyway, it's been fun to investigate about the past and to discover how life was so different not so long ago.

Past from LidiaGon

How important are friends for you?

Resultado de imagen de friendship

They are very important for me because they make me feel happy.

One day we went to the mountain of Burriac. We met in Cabrera, and we prepard the dinner to carry to the mountain and eat it on top of the castle. While we were climbing a friend slipped  and he broke his ankle.

The four of us decided to take him to our friend's house. It was a long way but we had no choice. When we arrived we took ice and we put it in his ankle. He called his parents to come and collect him from hospital. Some days later at school people asked him what happened to his ankle and why he was using a wheelchair. Many of us started joking about going with a wheelchair, but finally he thanked all of us.

by Arnau

My friends are important for me because they are the family that I chose. They are there for me in the good and the bad times. If I am sad I can trust my best friends and they help me and they cheer me up. And last year I had family problems and my best friend helped me a lot because she gave me advice that my parents couldn’t give me.

With my friends I have spent the best moments in my life up till now. I love meeting with my friends, going out with them, going to the beach, travelling, basically for me friends are essential because with them I can do things that I can’t do with my parents for example going to parties, singing and dancing a lot.

I know a lot of people but I only have a few good friends that I can trust because some of my old friends let me down and thanks to that now I know who my real friends are. I have a lot of fun with my friends and I love them.

by Carlota

Friends are very important to me. If you have got good friends they are like your family because you love them like a brother or sister. You usually have five or six good friends who will never hurt you.

Although I have those that I enjoy meeting with a lot and doing things with them, like going to my swimming pool, having an ice-cream, I have also got friends that I only see in winter, for example, when I ski. Also, I have summer friends who spend summer in the same place as me.

I remember a good experience with four friends. Last winter we went all in a car to Cerler, which is a little village in the mountain, and skied together. I have got an apartment there and we stayed there for one weekend. We had a lot of fun and we laughed a lot about our falls in the snow.

To sum up, I think that a friend is a person to have fun and enjoy moments with, but also a person who listens to your problems, and helps you. And I’m grateful for the friends I have !

by Pia

Friends are very important for me because they are my point of support in a good or bad situation.

They are very honest when they give their opinions, and they transform a bad moment to good, they are the joy of my life.

An example would be when I had appendicitis on final party of the primary school, I was very bad I was very tired and I went to the hospital of Mataro, they gave me a lot of painkillers, of course I did not feel any pain and they sent me home. My mother didn’t see me very well and she  took me to the hospital of Sant Joan de Deu where they operated me urgently.

When I woke up I met my best friends in the hospital room with presents and making me support all day, the next day I received a call from my teacher with all my classmates where they gave me all their support.

When I got back and went to school I found my friends and colleagues at the door to ask me how I found myself if I was better and they gave me a huge card with dedications and signatures.

It was a happy ending for me that I had commenced with a tragedy that had not been possible without the support of my friends.

by Sara

My friends are very important for me because they are always in the good and bad moments.
My friends make me feel comfortable with them, because I can be myself.

Having friends you can trust is a wonderful thing, you can explain your problems to them and they will understand and help you even if it’s a bad thing or act you have done.

 They were there when I was sad because my mum was leaving the town where we had lived for 10 years.

I was very sad and they did the best they could to see me smiling and make me have a good time with them.

They also are the ones who I spend the most time with.

We are always spending a lot of time together doing things like eating in a restaurant, dancing at the disco, and meeting in the park, going to my or their home to play videogames or playing football.

I’m very proud of having friends like them, because maybe I haven’t got a big number of friends, but the few that I have I’m sure they love me like I love them and I also know that we  will always be together 

by Alejandro

In my opinion, friends are an important part of our lives. And unlike the family, you choose your friends, which means that with them you can be who you are without fear.

I think that a real true friend is a treasure. With my best friend we have grown and walked through life together.

When we face difficult times, there are friends to put things in perspective and help us. Last year I had a bad season, and my best friend was always by my side helping me with everything she could and more. Because a true friend fights against everything that happens to you.

With a single look we can say many things. We can know our mood, we can support ourselves and we can say things that we don’t want anyone to know.

Finally, with good friends and a healthy friendship in our lives, we will live better and prosper. And I feel very lucky to have a friend like the one I have.

by Georgina

For me friends are one of the most important thing in my life. I think they are the people that we need in our days. The people that help us, listen to us and they are always there.

When we have a problem the most of us, need to talk with someone and not always we want to talk with family. Sometimes we need a friend to talk to and show us the best part.

And as we all know, when we are ok we have a lot of friends. But when we have real problems is where we know our true friends. And basically friends are important for me because they are always there, they listen to me, I have fun with them and I know I can trust with them any time I want. And the most important part because I love them a lot, and I know that they love me a lot to!

I don’t imagine any day with my friends, because they are one of the most important thing of my life.

by Aida

My friends are important for me because they help me when I need, because they make me happy when I need it, because they are beside me good and bad…

My friends aren’t for school, and all are older than me. They take care of me and they would not let anything happen to me.

I have a great time with them, they make me laugh and enjoy every moment. They are very different people, but they all know how to have fun and be affectionate when necessary.
I have a friend who knows me perfectly. He knows when I'm wrong and how to make me smile. Know my tastes and my fears, and it is always there when I need to give me a hug or spend time watching a series or a movie. He is 18 years old but is like a child. He spends the day doing nonsense. But despite the discussions and everything, thanks to him I have learned many things and he has helped me to see things differently, and to be braver and happier.

My friends will not be the most normal people in the world, but that is not important, because even if everyone looks at us badly or thinks we are crazy, together we are the happiest people in the world.

by Anna

In my opinion, friends are the most important thing, especially in adolescence. You have the opportunity to choose who your friends are, while you cannot choose your family. So, it's your decision with whom you want to share your life.

What do I think a friend is? I think a friend is someone you don't need to talk to everyday, but you know they are there. A friend should be someone you can have a little space with but can still go to them for anything.

When you are little your friends change a lot, because you change schools, cities or sports... Once you are older, you see who your real friends are and who are only acquaintances.

I think a person doesn’t have to have a lot of friends so long as the ones you have are good friends. In my case, I have my little group of friends in school and another one in volleyball. I also consider my older sister like a friend because I can trust her with everything.  

So finally, friends are the ones who you know are going to be there for you, whatever happens.
by Laia

There are some essential things in my life that I can’t live without. One of those things are my friends, they are my support. Whenever I’m bad or happy they are just there.

You know that moment, that you just want to get apart from de world and feel like there are no limits, you know that only your friends can make you feel like that.

My friends are necessary on my daily life for three reasons:
They guide mi when I feel lost, they just make me forget the whole world and they make me feel unique. When I’m happy they have fun with me even when I’m not happy they keep trying to make me smile. But also when I need a shoulder to cry on, they are there for me.

Friends are like a treasure and you must save them forever because they will be by your side whenever you need them.

You chose your friends because they complete you, they are the piece of the puzzle that completes your life, without them, you are incomplete.

I need mi friends today, tomorrow and always, because they just make me feel alive.
by Gisel

Everybody knows that having friends is important. If somebody says the opposite, he is lying.

Having friends give you the possibility to have a good time with them and make fun really easy with silly jokes. Having friends is really important to get away for all your problems and only get distracted. For example if you are bored in your house and you don’t know what to do, there is always a friend who would like to be with you playing football, play station or just chatting.

I think that one of the most important thing of the friends is to make jokes with each other. If you don’t jest with your friends is because they are not good friends at all.

Another reason why they are so important is because you have an emotional support in the worst moments, when you feel worried about anything they advise you without receiving nothing, if you have finish a relationship recently they invite you to a party to leave the past behind and start a new life. 

by Juan

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