Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Welcome back

Back to school... and a new challenge ahead.

It's been a strange year so far. Covid has changed completely the ways we learn and teach. During the last term of 2019-2020 we had to improve our ICT skills. Teachers, students and families had to face a new challenge: e-learning. 

Emails, videocalls, computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones became an essential part in our lives. We had to remember passwords, log in details and so on. Learning became colder, and so did teaching.

Now, three weeks after coming back to 'normal' some schools have already been closed because of cases of covid in their classrooms. We are still having lessons at school. Not in the usual way, as we have to wear masks to cover our noses and mouths, use alcohol, disinfect and sanitize hands, surfaces, ipads... 

Anyway. Welcome back. Let's try to keep in touch and updated.

Informal email

Written communication has changed a lot in recent years. Instead of letters, we send each other emails more and more often. Apart from instant messages apps, we also use emails. Here you can see a selection of them, written by 4th ESO students.

Hi Pedro

How are you? I’m really happy because i’m visiting Panama next week. this week i'm doing a surf camp. What do you think?

At first I thought was not going to like it but then I started to like it. And this week is already the third that I am in the camp. I have also made many new friends and I am getting very motivated to continue practicing this sport.

For me it is an unforgettable experience because it is a sport that I really liked and the people who are very nice and I recommend you try it sometime.

Anyway, I’va got to surf now. Keep in touch.

Take care,


Hi Maria,

How’s it going? It seems like we haven’t seen each other for years and I have a lot of thing to tell you! Do you remember when I said I wanted to try something new? Well I did.

I used to do ballet but it becomes to be boring, so I decided to try Hip Hop. First day I was terrified because it was my first time at all and I didn’t know anyone. After the first class I felt really good and I loved it. I’ve been going to hip hop classes since then and I realized that is something that I really want to do. I have to say that I thought that It will be more difficult but, the truth is, that it isn’t as hard as I imagine. I really like it and I want to get better and have fun. And you won’t believe it but people are very nice and outgoing, I made a lot of friends and I feel more confident.

Has that ever happened to you? I mean, to try something and ask yourself why you hadn’t tried it before? Because that is exactly what happened to me.

Anyway, I wanted you to know this because you’re a very important person for me and I have more thing to tell you so I hope to see you soon!



Hi Marti,

How are you? What have you been doing since I last saw you? You won’t believe it, but I’ve been studying all summer.

My mom made me study all summer so last year as you know it didn't go very well even though I passed the course. Well I’ve been studying at an academy in the mornings and in the afternoons playing football, so it hasn’t been a very easy summer for me, that if I go back to school like never before because I studied everything in the summer.

Has it ever happened to you that they made you study more than in your whole life? Well it's up to me in this one!. If you want me to give you an opinion on something you already know, say it!

Anyway, my mother already calls me to go study, see you keep it touch!

Take care,


Hi Natalia,

How are you? What have you been doing since last month, when we met? You won’t believe me but I’ve founded a charity, and Maria is helping me to organize all. Did you talk to Maria?

I used to think the charity was a waste of time but I decided to speak with Maria anyway. Well, I'm happy because I never thought I could do something like that to help other people. I thought that I had to do something and I started. The people think that it’s to easy to wear an organization but I don't think so, we have to talk with another organization, we have to go to houses to give information and ask for money to send them to poor countries…

Has that even happened to you? I mean, have you had the necessity of doing something good for the others. I'm texting you because I want to know if you're interested in working with us.

Anyway, I’ve got to go now, I’ll be late for Maria’s meeting. Keep in touch!

Take care,


Hi Peter,

How it’s going there in Rome? I am missing you every day. I know you won’t belive it, but last month I started to played the piano.

You know I Iove playing the guitar, I mean, all type of instruments seem interesting to me, so I decided to ask for information about piano classes and my music teacher offered a good teacher. The first day I went I was scared and a little shy, but now I am more confindent about me and I practise almost every day. Anyway, piano is my only a hobby but I would love to do a recital.

Do you think piano is a good hobby? Would you like to practise one day with me when you will returned? Basically now my routine consists in going to school, having breakfast and then playing the piano or the guitar

I’ve got to go now, my mother is waiting me because we need to go shopping, but tomorrow I will call you at night and I would like to hear you happy.

Love you,


Hi Abril,

How are you? What have you been doing this weekend? Surprisingly, I’ve been taking dance classes!

I know you won’t believe it, but I’ve been really interested in dancing since I was little. I never had the encouragement to do it because I was really shy and afraid of what they might say, but my mom said it was a good idea so… I did it!

We were looking for a dance studio near home and it was unexpectedly easy to find it. I started with some hip-hop and I’ve learned many steps I didn’t even know they existed.
I thought it would be really hard for me because I had never tried it but it was easier than I thought. Even though I was new, they tried to help me because I arrived later. They were really supportive, and I think that is the main reason I succeeded.

I’m glad I took those classes; I’ve met amazing people since then and I wish I could present them to you one day. Dancing has made me feel more confident about myself and I’m eager to learn more about it.

Anyway, I’ve got to go for lunch, but I’ll keep in touch!

Take care,


Hi Mitch.

How are you? How about is your girlfriend, Jamie?  You aren’t going to believe me I joined an organization that helps abandoned dogs to find a new home.

I’m sure that this notice will surprise you, because you know that the dogs have frighten me for all my live but now, I think that are the most beautiful animals of the world. Also, some years ago I thought that this organizations were a manner to defraud people, but now that I work there, I know that it wasn’t true. I go there two times a week and I help to wash the abandoned dogs before the new owners come to see it, and when I see that these dogs have again a home and the happiness faces of the new owners, I used to cry. Because these moments are too emotional and very beauty, and I think that see all these moments have made a difference on me. 

Have you ever done something like these? I suggest you to try it, because, like I said in the last paragraph, is a very beautiful experience that you should live at least one time in your life.

Anyway, so I have to live now, I ought to arrive at time to my football match. Have a nice weekend friend.

Take care, 


* We don't owe any of the pictures in this post. Please, tell us if they are yours and you want them to be removed.



Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Famous athletes and sportwomen/men

A way of browsing the internet in a right way is providing students the possibility of using webquests, either in groups or indivdidually. Second ESO students have written some descriptions and we want to show you some of them.

Ona Carbonell is a Catalan synchronized swimmer and the captain of the Spanish synchronized swimming. She is the woman with the most medals in the history of the World Swimming Championships. Ona was born in Barcelona on the 5th June, 1990. Her parents are doctors and her brother is older than her. When she was little she started practicing rhythmic gymnastics, but later, at the age of ten she started swimming in the Kallipolis Swimming Club. When she was 14 years old she was part of the Spanish National Synchronized Swimming Team. 

She trained at the High Performance Center in Sant Cugat. At the age of 17 she began to win medals in synchronized swimming competitions worldwide. She has competed in a lot of competitions, but the more important ones are the World Championship 2009, where she received a gold medal and two silver medals and the London Olymic games, where she won a silver and a bronze medal. In 2018 she also won Masterchef, a television program. In September 2019, when she was 29 years old, she announced her retirement from the synchronized swimming, because she got pregnant and decided to dedicate time to her family. But she also said that the design and fashion are the center of her studies and perhaps, in the near future, also her profession.

by Lidia

Giannis Antetokounmpo 

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a NBA star player that plays for Milwaukee Bucks. He was born in Athens, Greece, on December 6, 1994, after his parents immigrated to Greece from Nigeria. 

He has three more brothers, their names are: Thanasis, Andreas, Kostas and Alexandros. Giannis was selected by his actual team with the 15th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. Apart from being selected as captain twice for the all-star, this player has achieved more awards / merits. These are: Two-time All-Star Game starter, Named the NBA’s Most Improved Player, selected to the All-NBA Second Team and named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team in 2017, Bucks’ all-time leader in triple-doubles and he was selected MVP of the season 18-19. 

Apart from these awards, he has won many more that cannot all be scored as there are so many. But I am very sure that this player will not stop surprising us when the quarantine ends. M

Friday, 15 May 2020

Present perfect or simple past? 

Watch this video and decide which is the right tense

Thursday, 9 April 2020


We have been thinking about holidays. They seem so far, yet. 2nd ESO students have written short blog posts about holidays. The aim of the task was writting about that topic and they also had to add some pictures. Here you can see some of the products.

Our holidays - blog post by Lidia Gonzalo on Scribd

My holidays in Paris - Blog... by Lidia Gonzalo on Scribd

SEEING THE SIGHTS IN ITALY by Lidia Gonzalo on Scribd

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


A couple of weeks ago (17th March) people around the world celebrated Saint Patrick's Day. We are at home due to the quarantine, but we were able to surf the net and discover many differen thing about this Irish celebration.

In this post you may find some tasks carried out by 2nd ESO students based on a webquest (click here to have a look at it).


St Patricks Day by Lidia Gonzalo on Scribd

St Patricks Day by Lidia Gonzalo on Scribd

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Lady of Shalott (II)

The second part of the task was to write a story based on the painting Lady of Shalott. Students were asked to use a wide variety of tenses, right connectors and the passive voice somehow.

In this post you can read some of the texts they produced.